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If anyone were to call me a social, exciting, or fun kind of person…then they’d be wrong. Well, maybe not wrong, but these facts are unproven. I tend not to interact too much with others. I’m an introvert…I feel safest and most independent when I’m given space. It’s not that I don’t like other people and I too get lonely…but I just don’t like the feeling of other people breathing down my neck. I’m still polite to others and I still try to be kind to other people, but I usually keep to myself, and that’s just he way I am.
So you can imagine what kind of trouble Sapphire has been for me.

“Master, are you well?” She asked me for the third time that morning.
“How many times do I have to say it?” I asked in exasperation “I’m fine, Sapphire.”
“But you do nothing but sit and stare at the tel-e-vis-ion.” Sapphire moaned. “You act like a statue…unmoving.” She was right of course. I had been watching TV all morning, but this was just what I did. It was rainy outside and there was no where I had to go and nothing I had to do. But what was wrong with watching TV in the morning?
“Well, what would you recommend I do?” I asked her.
“You could go outside, if you like.” Sapphire offered.
“It’s storming outside.” I pointed out.
“Can you not play in the rain?” Sapphire asked. I shrugged and smiled.
“You can go outside if it’s too boring in here for you.” I said encouragingly.
“I cannot.” She argued. “As your genie, I must remain near you at all times so I can grant your wishes.”
“Sapphire…you aren’t my servant or anything. I thought I freed you by giving you a name.” I groaned. Sapphire nodded and giggled.
“Yes, I am free…but that means I am free to do as I please, and I choose to be yours forever!” She explained. I sighed and shook my head. In other words, I had a genie who would grant any desire I wanted. But the fact was I couldn’t truly think of anything that I wanted. How do you wish for things when you don’t know what to wish for?

“Sapphire, I have a question.” I asked, as the show I was watching went to commercial break. Sapphire sat up and nodded.
“Of course Master! What is it?” She asked childishly.
“Let’s say that I was the genie and you were MY master. Given those circumstances…what would you want? What would you wish for?” Sapphire blinked and the smile on her face faded. The question truly seemed to puzzle her. She crossed her legs and rubbed her head a little as if trying hard to think on what I had told her.
“Master…I am honestly unsure.” She said. “A genie exists to serve others…not to serve themselves.”
“Sapphire, the problem here is that…I don’t really NEED anything. I mean…I have a home, decent amount of food and water, and I don’t really need a great deal of money. I’m well off, if you know what I mean.” At this, Sapphire giggled and cocked her head to the side a little.
“Now I understand, Master!” She laughed. “You do not make wishes because you only wish for what you require…not what you desire!” I groaned and leaned forward, shaking my head.
“Okay, so you’ll give me anything I want? Like Christmas or something, you’ll just rain down whatever I desire?” I asked.
“Merely wish it, and it shall be done!” Sapphire agreed.
“Fine…and you’ll leave me alone after I make a wish?” I asked.
“I shall.” I sat back and thought for a long time. I was used to just trying to get by with what I needed rather than luxuries. What did I want that I didn’t necessarily need? Could I afford to be a little greedy for a change? Would it be bad to self indulge a little?

“Okay, how about for starters…I wish that my house was entirely clean and straight. I want it spotless.” Sapphire bowed and smiled.
“This is an easy request. As you wish it…so it shall be!” She raised her hands over her head and clapped twice. There was a loud whirlwind and the house vanished before my eyes as lights began to spring before my face. What was happening!? I blinked after the lights had gone away and looked around.
“What the…what on earth!?” I looked around and Sapphire had gone above and beyond what I had asked. There was NO dirty spot I could see. The old stains and worn paint on the walls were gone. The carpet looked like it’d never been walked on before. The tables, TV, and furniture all were freshly polished and shined brightly.
“I have done as you asked Master. Your house has been cleaned. There is not a single spec of dirt with in it.” Sapphire explained, who was now hovering in midair, smiling triumphantly.
“Alright, I’m impressed.” I admitted. “But now I’m curious just to see what else you can do. How many wishes am I allowed?”
“I am free, Master…and therefore my magic has no restrictions. You may have as many wishes as you desire.” Sapphire assured me. I nodded and looked outside. The storm was still coming down and I grinned a little.
“Alright…time for a real challenge. Can you make the storm stop?” I asked. Sapphire giggled and nodded. “Awesome! I wish for you to make the rain stop and bring out the sun!” Sapphire bowed her head again and snapped her fingers. She vanished and I watched outside to see what would happen. Within a few seconds the rain stopped completely and the dark gloom that had covered the yard outside was clearing away to reveal a bright and sunny day. I was in total awe and I had to stop myself from letting my jaw drop to the floor. I had never taken advantage of this kind of power before! If Sapphire could do all this…then there was no limit to my opportunities! I ran outside and gasped. Sapphire was standing in the middle of the yard, beaming happily with that cute smile.
“Does this please you Master?” She asked.
“Yeah! But let’s see…can you make a big swimming pool appear in my yard?” I asked.
“If you wish it.” Sapphire clapped, clearly excited to be granting my wishes.
“Awesome! I wish for you to put a big swimming pool in the middle of the yard!” Sapphire snapped her fingers and hit the ground with her foot. Suddenly I felt the ground come out from under me as I fell into a very full, very wet, and VERY cold swimming pool!
“ACK!” I swam to the surface and coughed, spewing water from my mouth and rubbing my face. I looked around to see that most of the yard had been replaced by a giant pool with a diving board on the far end. It went to about 10 feet deep and I was right in the middle. Sapphire was sitting on the divingboard and beaming broadly.
“You could have warned me!” I spat.
“Forgive me Master…I did not think to-”
“No don’t apologize! This is spectacular!” I cackled. “Who would have thought having a genie around would be so entertaining!” Sapphire smiled at my compliment and brushed her hair back. Oddly enough, her belly dancer attire seemed very appropriate for being by a pool. “You know, you can get in too!” I called. Sapphire slid off of the board and into the water with a small splash. She resurfaced and swam over to me, beaming.
“Master, are you pleased with me?” She asked.
“Very much so…you really are amazing!” I admitted. “I never thought that you were capable of all this…I mean…I guess I kind of did but…I didn’t think about…using you like this.”
“Why not?” Sapphire asked. That was an excellent question. From the moment I found her bottle and rubbed it, releasing her, I had known the power a genie had. She could do anything she wanted…grant any desire and wish. But I had refused to make any. Not once since finding her had I ever even considered misusing her powers or doing something for myself. Why not? What had stopped me.
“I guess, I just didn’t really want to use you.” I said. “I mean…you’re not my slave and…it would feel really inappropriate to force you to just serve me like that.”
“Master, genies are always made to serve. My previous owners were not at all like you are. They would make me grant very large and difficult wishes…ones involving fame, fortune, and power.” She explained.
“Well then that’s what makes us different.” I said, swimming to the edge of the pool. I rested on the side and smiled. “I don’t want fame, fortune, or power…I just want peace and quiet and some normalcy…and some swimming trunks would be nice. Would you mind?” Sapphire blushed and touched my clothes, changing my t-shirt and jeans which were stuck to my body into a pair of swimming trunks. I laughed and kicked my legs in and out of the water. I shot a glance at Sapphire who was staring at me…but there was no smile on her face, but puzzlement. She looked confused, as if the sight of me was unfamiliar to her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Master…you are so strange.” She finally stated. “For as long as I can remember…men have summoned me and demanded things of me…ordered me to give them whatever their hearts desired. But you only ask for small things and say that you do not see me as a slave.”
“Well yeah.” I said. “I freed you…you’re nobodies slave now, much less mine.” I said.
“But if I am not your slave…then what am I to you, Master? Am I not a genie? I am meant to serve.” Sapphire asked, hovering out of the water a little. I shrugged.
“Well yes, you’re a genie…but I see you as my friend, I suppose. I wouldn’t force my friend to give me things or do things that they don’t want to.” I told her.
“I am Master’s….friend?” She asked.
“Yeah, and you don’t need to call me Master anymore.” I growled. “Just call me Thomas, okay?” Sapphire laughed and nodded.
“Forgive me, Master…but it will take me time to consider you any less than my wonderful and benevolent Master!”
“Fine, fine…” I grumbled. “I guess there are worse things you could call me.”
“I had one master who wished for me to call him by ‘Spankie.’” Sapphire offered.
“Yeeeeah…don’t call me that…EVER.” I warned her. Sapphire bowed low.
“As you wish Master.” Sapphire giggled. I climbed out of the pool and I looked up at the sunny sky above.
“I gotta admit, Sapphire…you did a good job getting me outside today.” I grinned. “Was this your plan all along?” Sapphire shook her head, but she had a slight mischievous grin on her face.
“Oh no, Master! This was all your decision and based on your wishes.” Sapphire grinned. I chuckled but then realized that all I had right now, the outdoor sunshine and a new pool, were all by her power. These weren’t things I had to have but had indulged myself. I didn’t want to become like Sapphire’s other Masters and become a greedy jerk who used her for her powers and didn’t care about her and only myself.

“Sapphire, I don’t want you to feel used by me or by anyone…so please let me know if you ever feel like I’m taking advantage of you, okay?” I asked. Sapphire nodded and bowed low.
“I will do my best Master.” Sapphire said kindly. I smiled and stood up.
“Alright then, with all that out of the way…how about we test out that diving board?” I offered. Sapphire beamed and clapped her hands, making the board slightly higher than before.
“Yes, Master!” She exclaimed. I smiled and began to climb up, beginning to wonder what all else I could do with a genie by my side like Sapphire.
Picture by :iconheuring: 

I was given two pictures for this story, and I'm going to use both, but since this one was the most recent, I figured it would be the first one to go with the next chapter. The second picture (drawn by :icontoshinden-fanclub:) Will be uploaded with the 4th chapter later on down the road.

It's been a very long time since I updated this story, despite several people asking me to continue it and add to it. Not exactly sure what took so long, but here it is! I really hope that you all like it and I think that there is more that can be done here. Please comment and let me know what you think so far!
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