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September 6, 2013
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I got up from the table as Sapphire began to clean it off. I walked to the den and turned off the TV and I stretched my tired muscles. I was still exhausted from all that had been going on, and I needed more time to rest. However, I knew that I wouldn’t get any…because leaving Sapphire alone in a house with modern technology was not a very good idea. I heard movement and turned to see that Sapphire had walked into the room and she was smiling, brushing back her hair. Upon seeing me, she dropped down to her knees and bowed low.
“What is your wish, my Master?” She asked. I groaned and shook my head.
“Do we have to go through this all the time?” I replied. “I don’t need anything right now.” Sapphire climbed to her feet but smiled happily all the same.
“As you wish, Master.” She said kindly. I looked her over and saw that she was still wearing her Arabian dancer outfit. It was indeed lovely, showing her most lovely features and making her look more than exotic but…gorgeous. In fact, I was blushing heavily just looking at her.
“Um, Sapphire…don’t you have any other clothes?” I asked. Sapphire looked at me curiously.
“Do these clothes not please you, Master?” She asked. I shook my head no.
“No, they do! I love them…but…um…maybe you should wear something else so that you don’t um...” I stammered, trying to think up a good excuse, but none came to mind. I just didn’t know what else to say. Her outfit was gorgeous, but if anyone ever came to my home and saw her like this, they’d get the wrong idea very quickly. Also, I felt like she just needed to try on some new attire.
“None of my former masters have ever complained about my clothes before.” Sapphire noted.
“I’m not complaining, Sapphire!” I exclaimed, “I just want you to have the chance to wear different things. No one should be stuck with just one outfit.” Sapphire suddenly gasped and tears built up in her eyes. “Are…are you alright?” She suddenly fell to her knees and bowed low to me, placing her forehead at my feet. “What’s wrong!?” I cried in surprise.
“Oh, Master…” she sniffled, “…no one has been so kind or considerate of me before! You care so much for me, a lowely servant, that you would want me to live like you and wear different clothes! I am so blessed, Master…thank you.” She proceeded to begin kissing my feet. I pulled my feet away and stared down at her in shock, lightly patting her head, blushing furiously.
“Um…yeah…sure, it’s cool. It’s no problem. Could you please stop that now? It’s really embarrassing!” I blushed. Sapphire stood up and beamed brightly, rubbing her eyes happily.
“Forgive me, Master…I am so overwhelmed with happiness.” She whimpered.
“Well, I’m glad you’re happy…just calm down please. We’ll go shopping this afternoon to find you some new clothes, okay?” I offered. She beamed and nodded. I just sighed and walked off to my room to relax for a while.

When we finally did leave for the mall, Sapphire was struggling to contain her excitement and happiness. She practically was bouncing circles around me. It took me a whole 5 minutes to calm her down enough to teleport us outside the mall. One look, and Sapphire was entranced.
“Master, it’s huge!” Sapphire exclaimed. Her outburst caused people nearby to turn and stare at us, and they noticed that Sapphire was only wearing her genie attire. I flushed, knowing that people were getting the wrong idea about us.
“C’mon, Sapphire.” I hissed, taking her arm and dragging her into the mall. Sapphire couldn’t stop looking around at the stores and concession stands. Every now and then she would stop walking to stare at something for a while, causing me to nearly fall over.
“Master, what is that?!” She asked.
“That’s an arcade game, Sapphire.” I answered hastily.
“Oh, and what is this?!” She asked, picking up a fancy looking glass lamp from a counter.
“That’s a lamp.” I said, taking it from her and putting it back down.
“But it looks nothing like a lamp!”
“No, it’s not the kind you’re used to, Sapphire…it’s um…an electrical lamp.”
“Electrical?” She questioned.
“Um…it’s complicated.” I tried to explain.
“Oh and what are those!?”
“Those are computers.” I answered, trying hard to keep her moving.
“What is its function?!”
“It does a lot of things, and I’ll explain it all to you later once we get you in some new clothes.” I gave her another tug to keep her moving.
“Yes, Master!” She agreed hurrying along with me. At long last, we found our way to a clothing store and I walked in with her. She looked around, her eyes nearly jumping out of her face as she stared at all the clothing.

“Okay, you can pick any outfit you want.” I said kindly. Sapphire teared up and sniffled.
“Any, Master!? Really?” She asked in amazement.
“Yeah, take a look around.” She fell to her knees at my feet and looked up at me with nothing short of pure glee.
“Master, I am unworthy of this gift! I am eternally grateful!” I just smiled and I put my hand on her head, rubbing her hair gently.
“It’s okay, Sapphire…I just want you to have some fun. Take your time.” I ruffled her hair and stepped back, giving her a little shove. Sapphire giggled happily and ran into the store like a little girl in a toy store. I could only watch her patiently as she dashed around, searching for different clothes and items that interested her.
“Master what do you think of these?!” She ran out holding a pile of shirts and pants and skirts in her arms.
“Well you may wanna try them on first, Sapphire.” I laughed. Sapphire blushed and bowed.
“Oh, yes of course, Master!” She turned and hurried away from me. I watched her go to a dressing room and I walked further into the store. I found a bench near the wall and I sat down, waiting for her to come out again. I sat for what felt like 15 minutes before I finally heard footsteps.
“How do these look, Master?” I looked up and saw that she was wearing a tank top, jean shorts, sandals, and a necklace. She still had her veil on and I chuckled.
“Lose the veil, and it’ll be perfect.” Sapphire giggled and took off her veil and ran off to go try more clothes. I sat back and waited for her to return.

For the next 3 hours, Sapphire must have tried on every outfit and combination the store had to offer. I was getting tired and wanted to go home, but with every new outfit, Sapphire would only smile brighter and brighter. She’d never gone shopping before, and she was enjoying the thrill of doing new things. If this was how she felt about simple clothes shopping, what would she say if I took her to more entertaining places, like the movies, the fair, or the zoo? What would she do then? However, after a while, I was starting to get hungry, so I stood up and found Sapphire, who was staring at a bunch of hats. A pile of clothes lay at her feet.
“Hey, it’s about time for lunch…you need to choose an outfit so that we can leave.” Sapphire nodded but sadly looked at the pile.
“Yes, Master…but I am so troubled.”
“I simply cannot decide which one looks better. Perhaps you can decide for me?” I sighed, knowing that this meant she was going to try them all on again.
“Tell ya what…try on your two favorites, and I’ll decide from those two.” I offered. Sapphire nodded and smiled.
“Very well, Master.” She quickly snapped her fingers, and in an instant, the clothes she was wearing transformed into a totally new outfit from earlier. I nearly fell over in amazement.
“I truly like this outfit, Master…but then again…” she snapped her fingers again, and this time her clothes changed into a lovely dress. “I think this one suits me well too.”
“Wait a minute!” I shouted. “You’re telling me you had the power to change your outfit with magic?” I asked. Sapphire nodded in reply. “So all of those clothes haven’t been worn? You simply transformed your genie outfit into all those clothes?”
“Yes, of course Master.” She said proudly. “Is that…wrong, Master? Did I do something bad?”

I slapped my hand into my face and groaned under my breath. This whole trip had been pointless. Sapphire had the power to make her clothes into anything she wanted…I should have known that from the start. I sighed and leaned against the wall next to me.
“No…no it’s okay. Just put the clothes on the floor back.” I said.
“But which one should I take Master?” Sapphire asked.
“Why do you need to take one?” I asked. “You can just change your clothes any time you want to.” Sapphire then looked down at the clothes and sighed sadly.
“I know, Master…it’s just…” she reached down and picked up the dress that she liked and felt it in her hands. “I’ve never…had anything to call my own before…” I suddenly felt a twinge of guilt wash over me. I hadn’t considered just what this shopping trip REALLY meant to Sapphire. She wasn’t excited about trying on new outfits…she was excited that she might finally get to own something of her own rather than be owned by someone. I smiled and shook my head. “Are you alright, Master?”
“Sometimes, Sapphire…you amaze me.” I said. Sapphire blushed and bowed low.
“I accept this compliment humbly, my Master!” She said happily. I smirked and turned to walk to the check out isle.
“Grab your dress; we’re leaving.” I stated. Sapphire bent down and grabbed her dress from the pile and rushed after me.
“Coming, Master!” As she ran up to me a store attendant approached me. There was a look of anger on his face.

“Excuse me sir,” he said gruffly, “but did your girlfriend leave that pile of clothes laying in the floor?” I turned around to see the large clothing pile still sitting where it had been. “I must insist that you put those clothes back sir, unless you intend to buy them.”
“Sorry, I’ll have it taken care of.” I said calmly. I turned to look at Sapphire and smiled. “Sapphire, please clean up the mess you made.” I ordered. Sapphire bowed low and turned around.
“As you command, Master!” She spun around to face the pile of clothes and she pointed her finger at it. There was a flash of light and the clothe suddenly leaped into the air, folding themselves and hanging themselves up on hangers and hooks, going back to where they had come from. Within seconds, the store was as good as new, as if nothing was out of place. Sapphire turned around and bowed to me once again. “I have done as you ordered, Master.” I grinned and stepped aside.
“Good, now we can buy this dress and go, can’t we?” I said, turning to look at the store clerk, who was standing still, pale as a sheet. He looked to be in total shock at what he had just witnessed.
“O-of course!” He stammered. He quickly rushed behind the counter to allow us to buy the dress. Sapphire walked to the counter and set the dress down, while I pulled out my wallet.
“They have such excellent service here!” Sapphire said kindly. I laughed and nodded.
“Oh yeah, it’s amazing.” I said as I paid the clerk for the dress. We both walked out together. As we exited the store, Sapphire couldn’t stop holding and touching the dress, smiling brightly.
“Thank you so very much, Master!” She exclaimed.
“It’s alright, Sapphire.” I said kindly. “I’m glad to do this for you. Is there anything else you would like to do?” I asked. Sapphire shook her head politely.
“Oh, Master…this is more than enough! I would very much like to go home now.”
“Me too.” I sighed. The two of us made our way out the door and into the parking lot. As we made it I stopped and held out my hand. “Let’s go.” She took my hand in hers and, in the blink of an eye, we vanished into thin air…headed straight for home.
This chapter took a lot longer to finish than we thought it would...but we DID IT! Man, I am so happy to have this one finished. I really think it came out well...both the picture and the chapter! Mika worked hard, and so did I. The picture also got us talking a lot about our distant nationalities. Hahaha! Man, it's amazing what happens just because of one story and picture, right?

So as all of you know, I'm Arabian........
yeah that leads to nothing I just want you to know
cause I don't really know any other Arabs...I'm the last unicorn...
So you can just...tell people that you know at least one..
Wouldn't that be a funny comic?
"The Last Arab"
Ima do it.

Yeah...and to be honest, I don't really have any other nationality that's unique...most of my roots come from Europe...but I do have a little bit of Native American blood in me! So I really kind of study that stuff, even to the point that I've learned some Cherokee. :XD: To be's not really that impressive. Whatever.

Well I think it is v.v
Look at this, you know the last unicorn and her companion...the last....arrow.

....last eagle...last deer...any of those work. Hahaha!
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