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"Eva, about what happened last night..." I said calmly. It was early in the morning...the sun was rising, and I hadn't slept a wink. Eva hadn't either...we were both rather shaken up about the events of the other night. Eva and I hadn't changed clothes because we had both sat on the couch together all night. Neither of us said a word to each other, and we sat like that for hours...just in silence.
"Christian, I...I don't..."
"No it's fine." I said quickly, "If you don't want to talk about it...that's fine."
"No, it's not that, Christian." She said forcefully, "I wanted to apologize...I didn't realize that Garrett had changed so much. I should have seen it earlier." I looked her in the eyes, which were starting to brim with tears. I felt guilty and sorry for her...I didn't know how to comfort her...I didn't know what to say.
"It's...okay, Eva." I said warmly. "He was your friend...there was no way you could have..."
"No, there's no excuse." She said sternly. I looked outside quickly and saw the sun coming up. I was exhausted...and I knew that Eva must have been even more tired.
"Eva, why don't I start making breakfast...and we can talk more about this later?" I stood up and walked toward the kitchen. I started pulling out pots and pans, when I heard Eva come in too. I turned and smiled at her...and she didn't smile back.

"Christian...I don't feel so good." She suddenly staggered over to the table and plopped down in the chair. I walked quickly over to her and placed my hand on her forehead. I pulled it away quickly! She was burning up with fever!
"Eva, you're sick!" I cried. Eva didn't just feel sick...she looked sick! Her face looked pale and her body was shivering slightly, as if it was cold.
"No...I can't be sick...I...I...I...." Suddenly Eva reared her head back and sneezed.


The table in front of her burst into flames. I leaped back and stared in horror. I quickly pulled myself together and beat out the flames with at towel and then turned back to Eva, who was staring wide eyed at what had just happened.
"Oh no!" She cried. "Not now!"
"What?" I asked. "What is it?" Eva just stared at me with scared eyes.
"Magical Maturity!" She cried. I stared at her with confusion to match her fear.
"Magical what?" I asked. Eva pushed her chair away from the smoldering table and clutched her head, as if she had a migraine.
"Magical's like human puberty. Magical power matures and grows stronger over witches and warlocks go through magical maturity at some point in their lives. When the process is over, my magic will be twice as powerful as before!" I smiled.
"Well, that's a good thing isn't it?" I asked. Eva shook her head in horror.
"No, you don't understand!" She cried. "Magical maturity is fine if you're a witch or's just like going through a cold or flu for a day....but during that time, our magic fluctuates...we have not control over it!" I felt a shiver run down my spine as she said these words. Eva's magic was incredible to begin with...and she had a hard enough time mastering it before...but a whole day of her magic acting against her own will?! That was a real nightmare waiting to happen.

"What do you have to do?" I asked. Eva leaned back and groaned.
"I just have to lay...lay...a...a..."


Suddenly there was a pop and a huge mouse appeared in the middle of the floor. It looked up and ran across the floor towards the door. Eva sniffled and leaned back. I simply stared...stunned by what I had just seen.
"That's what a magical fluctuation is...a sudden burst of magical power without my control over it." Eva explained.
"Is that what it was?" I asked. " looked like you sneezed and made a mouse appear." Eva shot me a nasty look.
"Shut up, Christian...this is serious business." Eva cried. I let out a snicker and just shook my head.
"Looks pretty funny to me, Eva." I laughed. Eva flushed and tried to stand up, but only plopped down in defeat. "A little tired there, Eva?"
"Just keep laughing, Christian...cause soon, you'll be...e...e..."


There was a flash of light and Christian looked to see the pots and pans sitting out in the kitchen suddenly explode into piles of sweet smelling popcorn. Christian stepped away in surprise. Eva only groaned in pain as she leaned on the table, sniffling.
"Now do you see why this is such a big deal, Christian? I'm dangerous!" I looked from her to the popcorn all over the counters that, at one point had been pans and pots.
"Yeah...I'll go warn the other kitchen appliances that you're nearby." I said with a laugh. Eva finally had it. She leaped to her feet and glared at me angrily.
"This isn't funny, Christian! But maybe you'll understand better as my little sister Alice!" She waved her hand at me. I stepped away, terrified. I closed my eyes, expecting to feel the sensation of changing into little Alice...but nothing was happening. I opened my eyes to see that Eva was no longer standing in front of me. In her place was a small 8 year old boy with silver hair and light red eyes. He was wearing a red shirt and jeans...and he looked very surprised.

"What happened to me!?" The boy cried. Suddenly, I realized what had happened. "The spell must have backfired!" I couldn't breathe...I was laughing to hard.
"!" I cried, tears streaming down my face. I clutched my sides in agony. "Oh, this is hilarious!" The boy Eva looked at me with a look that was nothing short of fury...but from the face of this little boy, it just looked cute.
"You JERK!" Eva cried.
"Should I call you Evan now?" I burst out laughing again. I felt my knees go weak from laughter. Evan blushed furiously and looked away.
"I didn't mean for....or...a...a"


"AHH!" I cried. The floor beneath me changed from solid marble into water. Both Evan and I were standing in what felt like a 3 foot deep swimming pool that the kitchen floor had turned into.
"Oh no..." Evan moaned, his little boy voice sounding even funnier. "It's getting worse!" He then turned to me and waded across the water towards me. "Christian, you have to get out of here! My magic is out of control! One sneeze could die!" I grinned and rubbed Evans hair playfully like I would with a younger brother.
"I don't think you're in any position to tell me what to do, young man." I laughed. Evan suddenly flushed angrily.
"You're ENJOYING this aren't you?!" He shouted.
"Oh, you have NO idea." I laughed. Evan stepped back with a furious look.
"Well, how about if we try THIS?!" He shouted. He waved his hand again, but this time I didn't step away. Evan suddenly began to shrink and turn furry until he was reduced down to a small kitten...just like I had been...only she was now silver colored....and she was drowning.
"HELP!" She cried, trying to swim in the pool of water that was once a kitchen floor. "HELP!" I ran forward and scooped her up out of the pool. She was dripping wet and shivering.

"How's it feel being a kitten, Eva?" I asked. Eva didn't even look up at me as I held her in my arms.
"Shut up, Christian...just shut up." She meowed. I laughed and waded my way out of the kitchen until we were back in the den where the ground was dry. "I really don't feel good." She moaned.
"I can tell...well, why don't you-"
"A...a...a..." I didn't even see it coming until it was too late.


I was thrown backwards by a powerful force. It was like I had just been hit by a solid brick wall. I hit the back wall hard and rubbed my head in pain. In front of me, Eva was back to normal, but she still had a cat like tail sticking out from the base of her spine. I also noticed that the room was...was...
"Are we on the ceiling?!" I cried. The furniture was sticking upside down to the ceiling above us! Had she accidentally flipped the room upside down!?
"Christian...please..." Eva moaned. I wanted to laugh...everything that had happened felt so appropriate after all the stuff she had done to me...but I knew that she was truly suffering. This wasn't a joke anymore. It was like after that boy Philip had kissed me...the humor was gone, and the fun was clearly over. I picked myself up and rushed to Eva. I knelt down next to her and tried to dust her off.
"What do you need, Eva?" I asked desperately. Eva moaned and tried to sit up but couldn't pick herself up off the ground...and I knew why.

Eva had told me the first day I met her about magic. Magic isn't a simple matter of waving your hand and changing's like running, biking, or any other physical requires effort and energy to use. The more magic you use the more worn out you become. Not only this, but Eva was sick...she must be in real pain.
"Christian...I need to go to the Experiment Room...the room will contain my magic for a while." She whispered weakly. I nodded and knelt close to her. I placed one arm under her legs and the other around her body. I lifted upwards and carried her body in my arms. She looked so weak...her body was so weightless. She didn't even bother resisting...she simply leaned her head against my shoulder and tried hard to rest.
"Just try not to sneeze while you're in my arms, okay?" I walked across the upside down den and walked through the hallways into the rooms that had furniture where it was supposed to be...on the floor. It took me a few moments and then made it to the experiment Room. I kicked open the door and walked in, with the exhausted Eva in my arms.
"Okay, Eva...we're here." Eva opened her eyes and looked to the middle of the room. She reached out and waved her hands. There was a pop and a puff of smoke. Suddenly a queen sized bed appeared in the middle of the room. I recognized it as Eva's bed, from upstairs. She must have summoned it down into the experiment room. While in the room, she must have a little bit of control of her magic again. I walked her over to the bed and lay her down gently in it, making sure her head was rested against the pillow.
"Do you need anything Eva?" I took a look at her face...and I suddenly felt horrible for laughing at her earlier. She looked so weak and so sick. She looked...terrible. Just the thought of her going through a whole day like was almost too much to bare. "I'm sorry for laughing at you were right, this is a lot more serious than I thought." Eva gave me a weak look and smiled.
"I should turn you into something for the rest of the punishment." I winced, expecting her to turn me into something awful or humiliating. "But, I'm too tired." She whispered. "I just need sleep." She groaned. She rolled over and let out another sneeze!


I jumped away from her, expecting something to happen...but nothing happened. The room must have nullified the magic. Now I realized why she needed to be here so badly right now. Maybe it was for this reason that her dad even built this room?! Cause he must have known this would happen.

"Okay...I'll let you sleep, Eva." I called.
"Thanks, Christian...sorry for being so much trouble." She whispered. I then heard her drift off to sleep. I was tempted to walk out the door and leave her...but something made me want to stay. I pulled up a chair and sat down next to her bed...watching her sleep. Eva had gone through a horrible day. First a guy from her past shows up and betrays her...and then she becomes unbelievably sick and loses control of her powers....I felt nothing but sorrow and pity for poor Eva.
"You're no trouble at all, Eva." I whispered in reply.
Chapter 8

When I wrote this chapter, I was torn between making it a touching chapter or a humerous one. I settled on both.

In this chapter, we are introduced to magical maturity. This is like puberty for a witch. Eva's magic is maturing and growing stronger. However, there are side effects to this. Her magic is out of control and she experiances flu like symptoms such as sneezing, fever, and weakness. Christian, at first, enjoys watching her get a taste of her own medicine as all of her out fo control spells backfire on her. However after a while, he begins to realize just how much pain she is in.

This was a fun one to right and you really find yourself siding with Christians points in this chapter. I think you'll really like it!

Please Enjoy!
E1craZ4life Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Where did the third-person narration come from?
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You did a good balance , a very enjoyable read.Good work!
MikaAndKuri Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
Thank you very much. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! The next chapter is going to be a little different...but I've been told that it is the strongest chapter yet.
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